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BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Where were you when man first landed on the Moon?
    Fifty years on, the 03:56 AM TV moment that was out of this world.
  2. The final 13 minutes before the Moon landing
    The minutes before landing were tense, as fuel ran low and connections were lost between the lunar module and mission control.
  3. How Apollo 11 brought humanity together
    An endeavour which was born out of conflict ended by bringing the entire world together, at least for a moment.
  4. Algae bio-curtains: Architects' radical solution to capture carbon
    Scientists and architects in London have developed 'bio-curtains' to act as an alternative to urban trees.
  5. Iceland pilot whales: Dozens of dead mammals found beached
    The pilot whales were spotted during a helicopter sightseeing tour over Longufjorur.