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BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Public 'back' taxes to tackle single-use plastic waste
    Ministers say they are looking at measures after thousands support action to reduce single-use items.
  2. What's the truth about spiders in our homes?
    Animal expert Dr Tim Cockerill talks us through the truth about spiders.
  3. When flying to Mars is your day job
    Living on Mars time, landing nightmares and sometimes spreadsheets... a day in the life of a Nasa engineer.
  4. Earliest galaxies found 'on our cosmic doorstep'
    Some of the earliest galaxies to form in the Universe are sitting on our cosmic doorstep, a study says.
  5. Wheat gene map to help 'feed the world'
    Researchers are set to develop higher yield wheat varieties requiring less water after making a gene map.