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BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Super bloom tourists cause small town 'safety crisis'
    Tourists hoping to photograph a bloom of wild poppies briefly shut down a California canyon.
  2. Psyche: Metal world mission targets 'iron volcanoes'
    What exotic processes occur on the world known as 16 Psyche? A Nasa mission will soon find out.
  3. Soggy Ben Nevis can be remarkably dry
    Old weather data reveals how the UK's highest mountain can experience periods of near-zero humidity.
  4. Dead Philippines whale had 40kg of plastic in stomach
    The whale that washed up in the Philippines had ingested 16 rice sacks and "multiple" shopping bags.
  5. UK space internet firm OneWeb ready for lift-off
    OneWeb secures new funding enabling it to speed up plans for a global high-speed broadband network.