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BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Fears for environment as automatic legal 'cost cap' scrapped
    Environmental groups have launched a legal challenge to the government's rule change.
  2. Can Spraybot make your home warmer?
    Spraybot can fit under floorboards to help insulate homes.
  3. Nest-boxes no substitute for tree cavities, says study
    Artificial nests have a markedly different microclimate from tree cavities, a study suggests.
  4. UK 'must insulate 25 million homes'
    Huge numbers of draughty homes could stop it meeting emissions targets by 2050, a report says.
  5. SpaceX to fly two tourists around Moon in 2018
    The US rocket company says the customers have already paid for the flight planned for late 2018.