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BBC News - Science & Environment

BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Lighthouse moved 70m on rails to save it from falling into sea
    Coastal erosion threatened to topple Denmark's Rubjerg Knude lighthouse - but now it's being moved.
  2. Climate: 100% organic farming would boost emissions
    Going fully organic in England and Wales would require more imports of food and increase carbon output.
  3. 'Molar Berg': Getting a measure of Antarctica's big new iceberg
    Scientists use satellites to run the rule over the White Continent's latest mega-berg.
  4. Bezos floats 'national team' to build Moon lander
    Four aerospace firms will team up in a bid to build a lunar landing system.
  5. How liquid air could help keep the lights on
    The UK will build the first ever liquid air energy storage plant, based on an idea from a backyard inventor.