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BBC News - Science & Environment

BBC News - Science & Environment
BBC News - Science & Environment
  1. Norway funds satellite map of world's tropical forests
    Norway pays for a monthly satellite dataset to track the state of the world's tropical forests.
  2. Osiris-Rex: Nasa asteroid mission confident of success
    The first images are released of the Osiris-Rex spacecraft trying to grab rock from asteroid Bennu.
  3. Planners 'must prepare' for weather extremes - Met Office
    The Met Office is launching a tool to help planners prepare for further weather extremes.
  4. More pollution expected from stay-home workers
    Air pollution in big cities could increase because so many people are working from home, a report says.
  5. Secrets of the 'uncrushable' beetle revealed
    How a tiny insect with super-tough body armour can survive being stamped on or run over by a car.